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Reuse it

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Olmose app

Reuse technology for your security

Don't leave your unused smartphones lying around the house.

Now, thanks to the Olmose application, you can turn your old smartphone into a powerful and complete video surveillance security guardian.

Easy to install, to parameter and to use, Olmose is an innovative video surveillance system.

Get protected, Stay connected !

With the Olmose app, you can remotely monitor your old smartphone’s camera.

Thanks to the motion, sound or shock detection system and using the smartphone existing features, you are able to watch over your home, your car, your family... wherever you are. The app will suit your needs.

In the event of an alarm, you are directly notified. You can then watch the event pictures, safely recorded in the Cloud.

Functionalities are nearly unlimited, you can set up the system as you wish: detection, alert, users, ...

Dog station

The dog station - your best friend

The dog station was designed to reinforce the reliability of your security system.

It is way more than just a stand for your old smartphone. In fact, the dog station is also able to detect any kind of suspicious movement, including at night, thanks to its infra-red sensors. This sophisticated device increases the level of safety and ensures optimal security.

Compact and practical, the dog station also acts as a charging station for your smartphone and can be adjusted easily.

It is your guardian’s best friend.

Home surveillance

Secure your home and protect your family.

Car protection

Secure and track your car.

Baby alarm

Olmose helps you to protect what you love the most.

Shop protection

Secure your shop at the lowest possible price.

Pet monitor

Watch over your pet remotely.

Senior monitor

Protect your elderly relatives.

Fully open system

Set up your own custom security guardian.



How does it work ?

It’s very easy, all you have to do is install an app called the guardian onto your unused smartphone.
You will then be able to manage this app from your new smartphone thanks to the remote app.

What is the guardian ?

The guardian is an app you install onto an unused smartphone and that will turn the latter into an authentic security guardian.
Thanks to this guardian, you will be able to check on your house, your children, your car and many other things since it is an open system.

What is the remote app?

The remote app will enable you to manage all the guardians on your account.
You will therefore be able to watch and listen the video/audio recordings and access the app archive files and settings of each guardian.

What is the dog station?

The dog station is a compact and practical device acting as both a stand and a charging station for your guardian.
Besides, thanks to its infra-red sensors, the dog station will reinforce the reliability of the alarm detection system in order to avoid any potential false alarms likely to be caused by the motion/sound detection alone.

What are the potential uses? Where can I place the guardian?

Of course, the system will enable you to check on your house just like any traditional smart alarm system would by using both the motion/sound detection and the infra-red sensors of the dog station. All you have to do is place the guardian on a piece of furniture or fix it to a wall out of reach of burglars.
You can also use it to protect your car. In that case, the shock sensors and the GPS system will ensure optimum security. The easiest way is to place the smartphone inside the glove compartment of your car.
The guardian may also be used as a smart baby monitor that will send you a notification in case your child has been crying for an extended period of time. Just leave the phone in the nursery and let the microphone do the rest.
Watching over your pet is another possibility. You will be able to watch/hear your pet and talk to it through the guardian.
The guardian can also help protect the elderly. The system will send an alert in response to any lack of movement during a preset amount of time.
The system was designed in an open way which means that besides its “turnkey” system setup, you will be able to configure the system yourself in order to add as many features as you want.

How do I activate/deactivate the guardian ?

There are different ways to change the surveillance mode of the guardian.
First of all, by simply using the remote app to select the mode you prefer.
Then, depending on the proximity of a remote app equipped smartphone to the guardian, whether it is via Bluetooth or WIFI.
The voice recognition system may also be used with a passphrase you give the guardian.
Finally, automatic activation/deactivation hours can also be scheduled.

I have a big house, can I use a guardian in each room ?

Yes, the system was created in such a way that it is possible to use an undetermined number of guardians, all linked to your account. You will then be able to watch over your entire house thanks to the remote app. You can also monitor any geographically distant locations the exact same way.

I have pets, won’t they trigger the alarm ?

It is possible to configure the motion/sound/infra-red detection sensitivity for each guardian. Therefore, if you have a pet, you just need to decrease the detection sensitivity.

Is my privacy respected ?

Yes, the system was specifically programmed to make sure the video and audio features are not remotely accessible whenever the system is turned off.
That way, you are guaranteed your personal data will be kept safe and private once you are at home.


Can the guardian be installed on any smartphone?

Yes, as long as your smartphone runs a version 4 or above of the Android operating system, that is all the smartphones that have been on the market for more than 3 years.
The guardian does not work on iOS or Windows Phone smartphones for technical reasons.
The remote app, however, does work on iOS, Windows Phone and Android.

Can the guardian run on a new smartphone ?

Of course, as long as your smartphone runs a version 4 or above of the Android operating system.
The app was specifically designed to work perfectly on any entry-level smartphones (less than $50). In that case, the video quality is slightly lowered to enable the app to run without any problems.
So, the guardian does not run on iOS or Windows devices unlike the remote app which runs on any platforms.

Can I use the guardian on my tablet ?

Yes, the guardian app is available on Android phones and tablets running Android 4 or above.

Do I need a SIM card to use the guardian ?

Not necessarily, you can connect the guardian to your home WIFI network.
Now, if you are using a SIM card in your guardian, the latter will remain active if the WIFI connection is turned off, in case of a power cut for example.
Besides, thanks to the SIM card, you will be able to send text messages or even make a call in case of alarm.

What happens in case of a power cut ?

The guardian will continue to operate normally thanks to the smartphone battery.
However, the WIFI router will stop working so that the guardian will no longer be accessible via WIFI but over 3G-4G connection, provided the phone has a SIM card. In that case, you will get a notification informing you of the problem. In case you don’t have a SIM card, if you are subscribed to the Cloud, then the latter will warn you that the guardian is no longer active.
The durability of this backup solution will depend on the size and condition of the phone battery. However, in order to optimize battery life, the guardian can automatically take actions such as turning off all the unused features.

Can the guardian camera record in the dark ?

Smartphone cameras don’t work in the dark. That is why we use the LED of the flash to light up the action that needs to be recorded as soon as darkness is detected.
If you have a dog station, the infra-red detection will be used to light up the room instead of the audio detection in order to avoid any false alarms.
That way, the camera can record the crucial scenes in total darkness (0 lumen).

Is it safe to use the guardian on my old smartphone ?

The app drains a lot of system resources (video, audio, sensors, LEDs…) and requires a large amount of power whenever the guardian is on surveillance mode. In fact, it is quite normal for the smartphone to heat up a little.
Besides, it is a smart app that is capable of constantly monitoring both the battery level and the acoustic environment in order to decrease the performances of the guardian if necessary, so that the latter will always remain active.
Extensive endurance testing has been carried out on different devices from various brands, leaving the system on surveillance mode for more than 6 months without any major problems or quality loss.
The only small problem encountered by our experts was that certain brands of phone automatically restarted the device in case of extended overheating, the app would then restart along with the phone and be active again.

How do I install the app ?

All you have to do is go on Google Play Store and search for the « Olmose Guardian » app.

Why should I download the watchdog app along with the guardian app?

During the automatic guardian app updates, the app will stop running and won’t restart automatically. The watchdog app will therefore be used to restart the guardian app if the latter is no longer active. This system keeps the guardian active at all times.


How do I log in to the system ?

In order to ensure optimal security, you can log in to the OLMOSE system using your Google, Microsoft, Facebook or Twitter account.
We do not store any personal data on our servers.

Can I restrict user access ?

Yes, different roles have been specifically defined in order to restrict user access.
The guardian “administrator” has access to all functionalities, “users” can see and manage the guardian whereas a “guest” can only receive the notifications from the guardian through the “guest account”. These roles may be defined for each guardian.

What about the quality of the videos sent by the guardian ?

The resolution of the videos sent by the guardian depends on the maximum resolution capacity of each smartphone camera. The most recent devices usually have 4K resolution. However, depending on the available bandwidth on the 3G network, the quality may be reduced in order to ensure smooth playback at the highest quality possible.


What are the advantages of Cloud subscription ?

First and foremost, the guardian automatically sends its history/pictures onto the Cloud at all times. That way, if a burglar was to steal the smartphone, the pictures would still be available to help find and arrest the intruder.
Besides, the GPS position of the device is also continuously sent to the Cloud which will help track the burglar’s movements in case the device/the car is stolen.
Another advantage is that the Cloud offers secure communication without having to configure anything between the guardian and the remote app. Without the Cloud, the router setup has to be changed to enable the remote app to connect to the guardian.
Last but not least, the Cloud servers continuously monitor the guardians and they will send a notification in case they do not detect the latter over a preset period of time.

How long will my data be stored on the Cloud? Who can access them ? Is it possible to delete them ?

The Cloud can store up to 30 days of account history. Of course, it is possible to configure the settings and determine the number of days you would like to see displayed.
Only the users you have previously authorized can access this content.
Of course, you can delete all your stored data at any time.

Is Cloud Storage limited ?

Yes, limits have been set in order to ensure the best possible price-quality ratio as well as the proper operating of the Cloud service.
A maximum of 15 minutes of video recording can be sent daily, which is fully sufficient for everyday use. This limit can be increased with an adapted subscription.
The quality of the stored videos is limited to simple high-definition to enable a fast data shipment to the server.

Software license

How much does the app license cost ?

You can try out the guardian app thanks to a one-week free trial.
It will then cost you $24 for a lifetime license AND a one-year free subscription to the Cloud.
After the first year, feel free to renew your Cloud subscription for only $24 a year.

What are the advantages of the Cloud service subscription ?

Thanks to the Cloud subscription all the guardian history files as well as the images or your location will be stored and protected on a server hosted in the Cloud. That way, you can keep all the potential proofs of intrusion even in case the phone gets stolen.
A periodic control system will query the guardian and report any potential communication problems with the latter.
Besides, the Cloud provides a secure mean of communication between the guardian and the remote app without you having to set anything up.

I don’t want to carry on after the trial week, what do I do ?

No problem, your subscription is not automatically renewed.

I don’t want to renew the Cloud subscription, what do I do ?

No problem, your subscription is not automatically renewed.
Since the Cloud is in charge of the communication, you will therefore need to set up the network to enable the remote app to connect to the guardian.

Dog station

What are the advantages of the dog station ?

The system is based on a dual motion/sound detection in order to detect any alarm situations.
This detection is reliable but is still likely to trigger unwanted alarms in some cases where both video and audio detections are conducted simultaneously (a storm, the headlights of a car passing by too close, fireworks…).
Adding an infra-red detection to the video/audio one will reinforce the reliability of the system and avoid any false alarms.
This audio/video/infra-red detection is quite unique and it is precisely what makes the OLMOSE alarm system one of the most reliable on the market.
The infra-red detection also turns out to be very useful at night to turn on the LED of the flash during detection, which will enable the user to have a clear and visible video even in total obscurity.

How much does the dog station cost ?

The dog station will soon be available on Amazon (Europe and United States) for only $69, taxes and shipping included.

Do I necessarily need the dog station to use the app ?

No, the app can be used without the dog station.
The dog station is mainly used to add an infra-red detection to the guardian but is not compulsory.